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The Barkcamp Race - Ultra, Full Marathon and Half Marathon Trail Races & 10k & 20K Road Races

Barkcamp State Park
65330 Barkcamp Park Rd, Belmont, Oh 43718

Starts: Saturday 5th of October 2019 at 6:00 am
Ends: Saturday 5th of October 2019 at 4:00 pm (EST)

The Barkcamp Race - Ultra, Full Marathon and Half Marathon Trail Races & 10k & 20K Road Races

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Price
The Barkcamp Race 20K Early registration (includes tie dye tech shirt)
$40 Register
The Barkcamp Race-Ultra Marathon (40 miles) Early Sign-up (includes tie dye shirt)
$65.00 Register
The Barkcamp Race-Full Marathon Early Sign-up (includes tie dye shirt)
$65.00 Register
The Barkcamp Race-Half Marathon Early Sign-up (includes tie dye shirt)
$55.00 Register
The Barkcamp Race-10k Run or Walk Early Sign-up (includes tie dye shirt)
$35.00 Register

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Event Details

The Barkcamp Race - Ultra, Full Marathon and Half Marathon Trail Races & 10k & 20K Road Races is a VRRM Timed event.
Please contact the event organizer for questions unrelated to race timing.


Did you know you can camp free, stay in discount motel rooms, get a tie dyed made in the USA tech shirt, bridge that gap tween 50k and 50 miles if you're an ultra runner, run a 10K on the road..run a half or whole trail marathon, get a cool medal all less than 1.5 hours from Columbus, Morgantown, or Pittsburgh? You can drink Tailwind along the way and get suppz by Honey Stinger.
Did you know you get a full hot meal and a massage post race?  Did you catch the part about made in the USA tech tie dyed shirts?




Happy to say that Altra will once again be with us. We have dropped Hammer and brought in Honey Stinger and Tailwind by popular demand. New  aid station food for our all runners/walkers is being planned. Sports Science will once again be helping us out with the shirts that everybody loves!

Check us out at www.thebarkcamprace.net for full details on how to join on October 6th.


Race Details:

Saturday, October 6th, 6:00am, Barkcamp State Park Beach

The Barkcamp Race will feature a well-marked Half Marathon, Marathon, and 40 Mile Ultra course throughout Barkcamp State Park's trail system along with a 10k run/walk on the road. as well. The 10k is 100% pavement. The terrain promises lots of up and downs. The course will be marked with ribbons, arrows, and signs. The trail races  are 99% on trails.  Participants can take two laps for the Marathon distance or three laps for the Ultra 40 miler. There is a half marathon walk available to the hikers among you, who want to support our park.  A few have walked the full marathon.  This requires a quick pace and the 7 am early start is recommended.   The race begins and ends at the beach.  


Half/Full Marathon @ 8 AM:  

There will be 4 aid stations at spaced evenly throughout the course and at the Start/Finish line for those brave souls taking more than one loop. Aid stations will have Tailwind and Honey Stinger products, water, pretzels, potato chips, cookies, PB&J sandwiches, pickles, candy, boiled potatoes, bananas, and soda. We ask that you bring a water bottle to lessen paper waste. All aid administered to runners by family, friends, and crew must take place within 100' of an aid station.

Restrooms are available at the Start/Finish line area and about the 11-mile mark. Volunteers will be at aid stations with communication if you require that kind of assistance beyond their ability to help there

We will have a drop bag location near the Start/Finish line.

The park has a campground area that is free to participants for Friday and Saturday night (contact us to reserve a spot-not ODNR), and there are many hotels in our area, Sleep Inn Belmont being the closet and offering a discount to you.

COURSE MAP         



40 Mile Ultra Marathon

The 40 miler is back for its second year by popular demand and  is a chance to do three laps of our course. The Ultra will begin at 6 AM sharp and a headlamp or light of your choice will be required. You will have 10 hours to complete the course. Aid stations will not be open till 8 AM but we will have an unmanned aid station around halfway with water and Tailwind. Please see the info on aid stations, drop bags. etc under the Half/Whole Marathon section. We will be adding some sort of reflective tape or ribbon this year to make it a bit easier to follow the course in the dark.

COURSE MAP         



10K and 20K Road Race @ 9AM:

A challenging course with lots of ups and downs through the beautiful park. The course will start and finish at the beach and go out towards the park entrance on the service roads with an aid station around miles 2.5 and 3.5. Please carry a water bottle with you and help us save paper waste!  The 20K will simply be two laps of the 10K course.

10K COURSE MAP      




Ultra Marathon (run)
$65 up to August 23rd, $70 after that 

Full Marathon (run)
$65 up to August 23rd  $70 after that 

Half Marathon (run or walk)
$55 up to August 23rd,$60 after that 

10K & 20K(run or walk)
$35 up to August 23rd , $40 in September after that


Ultra Marathon: Race starts at 6:00am — headlamp or light required.
Half or Full Marathon: Both races start at 8:00am, early start at 7:00am  light required with no awards for the early birds but swag will be given.
10K Race starts at 9:00am.


Friday, October 5th, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at Barkcamp Beach, and Race Day morning after 5:30am for the ultra, 6:30 am for everyone else!


Finisher's medal and a treat to be determined for all who complete any event  and something really cool to be determined for our friends who do the 40 miler.

2019 is the farewell year for The Barkcamp Race directors Cindy and Rod.  For this year we have chosen a special shirt.

Its Black tie dye, 100% Polyester, long sleeve lightweight hoodie.

We will be ordering 250 hoodies.  SO, here is how you can reserve your SHIRT IN THE CORRECT SIZE AND GENDER.


These shirts are hand tie dyed in NC and this takes time.

After 8/23, we may have your size or may not, as this depends on when we run out that size/gender.

Link to Sports Science sizing chart.


If you have seen or worn our shirts, we think you like them as we have gotten many compliments on them from all of you.  This also in our hearts makes up for some of errors the shirts sizes for the ladies that occurred in 2018.


Thank you all for supporting us.  In our eyes you are the BEST!!!


Cindy Foose and Rod Miller   Co-directors The Barkcamp Race

You will also receive a full HOT meal post race with chicken, salad, rolls, butter, roasted redskins and dessert courtesy of Ye Olde Alpha and cookies by Donley's Delicious Delights



Massages available by Matt Bashline, the Misfitz Licensed Massage Therapist, from 7:00am until 4:00pm. Matt can be reached by phone at 740-782-1913 if you would like a night before or day after massage.


DROPPING:  Never drop out of the race by abandoning the course between aid stations and going “home.” If you have to drop out, let us know at an aid station. Thanks!  We don't want to have to come hunting for you and find out you just split on us :)


DISQUALIFICATION POLICY:  The Ultra cutoff of 10 hours and the Marathon cutoff of 8 hours (18:20 min/mile pace on the course) is strictly enforced. The aid stations close accordingly. If a runner is unable to keep the appropriate pace and is in danger of missing the cutoff they will be asked to remove themselves from the race. If a runner refuses to do so they will be immediately disqualified and will be on their own for all aid on the race course as well as the finish line should they choose to continue. This cutoff is enforced for the safety of the runner as well as the rescue team who would need to search for runners on the course. An early start option is available for those who do not feel that they can complete the Marathon in the allotted time. Choosing the early start extends the Marathon cutoff to 9 hours (20:45 min/mile pace). If it is determined that any runner cuts the course in any fashion, whether intentional or not, they will immediately be disqualified from the race.


The Sleep Inn & Suites in Belmont is proud to be this year’s host hotel. They are offering race participants a 20% discount on room reservations. Call 740-782-1298 and mention Discount Code “RACE” to receive your discount.

Camping is available in Barkcamp State Park.

The group camping area is free to participants of the race. For reservations call Rod at 740-359-7533 or Cindy at 740-391-1236

Here’s a link to the campground map, we can get you in the group camping area ONLY for free.

And, if you ask early, we have a few couches and floors available!



Check out the other fun things to do in
Belmont County while you are there!


Course Previews or Trail Training: Join our Facebook group! We have a few dozen folk that run at our park all the time. Hook up with someone and they will gladly show you around! Our usual scheduled group runs are Sunday mornings. Meeting times and places are pinned to the top of our Facebook page


Contact Info: Rod @ 740-359-7533 or Cindy @ 740-391-1236
or email info@thebarkcamprace.net
Best time to call...6-8 AM or PM




When & Where

Barkcamp State Park

65330 Barkcamp Park Rd, Belmont, Oh 43718

Saturday 5th of October 2019 at 6:00 am - Saturday 5th of October 2019 at 4:00 pm (EST)

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Cindy Foose and Rod Miller, Race Directors


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