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(NC24) NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run 2019

Edgewater Park
Edgewater Park Lakefront Reservation, Cleveland OH 44102

Starts: Saturday 21st of September 2019 at 9:00 am
Ends: Sunday 22nd of September 2019 at 9:00 am (EST)

(NC24) NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run 2019

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North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run is the USATF 24 Hour National Championship Event for 2019!!!

Race Date:

The 2019 race will start on September 21, 2019 at 9:00am and end on September 22, 2019 at 9:00am.


Welcome! The NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run, commonly known as NC24, is an exciting endurance race held on the shores of Lake Erie at Cleveland’s scenic Edgewater Park.  Runners will travel around a loop of .8822 miles, covering as many miles as possible within the race’s specified time limit and may elect to run any amount of time or distance that they wish. The overall winners will be those who cover the most distance within the race time limit.

The Course:

The NC24 race course will be the same as in 2017 & 2018.  Those who run with us regularly know that the course got quite a face lift in 2017 due to a massive construction project at the beach house pavilion.  The current course utilizes the 8' wide asphalt all-purpose trail around Edgewater Park that measures .8822 miles in length.  USATF Course Certification:  OH17029MW

We anticipate that the direction of travel will be CLOCKWISE around the course; however, the Race Directors will monitor the weather prior to the start of the NC24 and will make a final decision at that time.

Please note that we cannot close the course to all non-NC24-related traffic during the race. Edgewater Park is a public park, and you can expect to see some walkers, runners, and the occasional dog on a leash during the race. In general, the park is much less crowded in late-September than it is during the summer months.

The western edge of the course loop features a beautiful beach house. Our start line (and official timer and lap counter) will be located by this pavilion. After this pavilion will be the official NC24 aid station. Immediately after the aid station will begin the “aid area”. This area, which will likely include the entire western edge of the course loop, is where you may set up your own aid station. In past years, many runners have set up tables, tents, crew areas, etc., containing their own supplies. You may do so if you choose, but you are certainly not required to. The official aid station will supply plenty of excellent “ultra” food and drink to satisfy the needs of most runners.

Ticket Types:

Early Registration

    Dates:  February 1, 5:00pm to April 30, 11:59pm

    Cost:  $160.00 (+ processing fees)

Early Summer Registration

    Cost:  $175.00 (+ processing fees)

    Dates:  May 1, 12:00am to June 30, 11:59pm

Late Summer Registration

    Cost:  $190.00 (+ processing fees)

    Dates:  July 1, 12:00am to September 1, 11:59pm

Late Registration

    Cost:  $200.00 (+ processing fees)

    Dates:  September 2, 12:00am to September 20, 7:00pm

All Tickets Include: USATF 24 Hour National Championship Registration, Premium ½ zip with NC24 customization ($55 Value)**, all access to food, medical, and aid tents, and world class treatment for 24 hours.  **Premium 1/2 zip tops guaranteed to only those registered before September 2**

Race Timing

NC24 will utilize the Mylaps Prochip system that is the most accurate in the industry and has been modified specifically for 24 hour endurance races.  You will get an anklet at registration that contains an active timing chip and communicates with the timing mat at the start/finish location to record your laps.  This anklet and timing chip must be worn at all times and must be work on the ankle.  We cannot guarantee accurate tracking of your total distance if you do not follow these instructions.  A Lap-o-meter will be placed on course just after the timing location where your name and current mileage will display after each passing, and there will be a live leader board available for viewing all 24 hours where you and spectators can view race progress.  In addition, the race will be broadcast live via the race monitor application so that race crew and fans either on site or remote can follow race progress.  After completion of the race, you will need to return your timing device or you will be held responsible for replacement costs.  If you have decided to stop your participation in the event at any point, please return your timing chip to the information table located in the pavilion.  Any questions regarding timing during the race should be handled through a race official and not directly to the timing personnel.


The NC24 will be held in the eastern portion of Edgewater Park, which is located just off the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway in Cleveland, Ohio. The park contains sandy beaches, tree-lined picnic areas, and panoramic views of the lake and of the downtown Cleveland skyline.


Edgewater Park is located at the Edgewater Park Exit of Cleveland’s “West Memorial Shoreway” (Rt. 2), west of downtown Cleveland between the exit for West 25th & the Clifton Blvd. exit / entrance.

FROM THE SOUTH ON I-77 OR I-71 (From locations south, i.e., Akron, Columbus, ETC.) The easiest way to get to the West Shoreway (& Edgewater), is to stay on the interstate through downtown Cleveland, past Jacob’s Field and the exits for Carnegie, Chester, & Superior Avenues. Follow signs for Rt. 2 West or the West Shoreway. Stay in the right two lanes and follow the sharp right turn in the freeway called “deadmans curve”. Stay in the right lanes coming out of deadman’s curve and take exit Rt. 2 West Lakewood. Follow Rt. 2 / West Shoreway past the Rock Hall of Fame & the Cleveland Brown’s stadium. After crossing the Main Avenue Bridge, continue past the West 28th St. Exit, the west 49th St. Exit and then exit at “Edgewater Park”. Read the “Edgewater Park Exit” instructions below. ALTERNATE (I-71 Only) (From locations south) For those somewhat familiar with the west side streets in Cleveland & Lakewood, you can exit the I-71 freeway at West 150th exit & turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp (to head north on West 150th). Continue past Lorain Ave. (the name of W. 150th now changes to Warren Rd., but it is still the same road). Continue north on Warren Rd. until you reach I-90. Take I-90 West toward Downtown Cleveland. Stay in the right lanes to exit to the right at the West 117th exit. Turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp (to head north on West 117th). Continue north on West 117th (past Berea Rd. past Madison, past Franklin, & past Detroit Rd. Turn right onto Clifton Blvd. )to head east toward Downtown Cleveland and away form Lakewood). Continue east on Clifton& read the if coming “From the West on Clifton Blvd.” instructions below.

FROM THE EAST ON I-90 / RT. 2 (From locations east, i.e., Euclid, Wickliffe, I-90, I-271, etc.) Remain on the I-90 / Rt. 2 freeway to Downtown Cleveland. Move to the right lanes after the East 55th exit & stay to the right at the “deadmans’s curve” split near Downtown. You will be following the Rt. 2 West Shoreway signs. Do not take the sharp left turn on the freeway & do not follow the I-90 West signs. By continuing straight in the right lanes at the split, you will be now heading west and entering the West Shoreway, & will be almost there. Follow this West Shoreway past the Rock Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Brown’s stadium, & over the bridge & past the exit for West 25th. Exit to the right at the Edgewater Park Exit & read the “Edgewater park Exit” instructions below.

FROM THE WEST ON CLIFTON BLVD. (From locations west, i.e., Lakewood, Bay Village, etc.) Continue on Clifton Blvd. through Lakewood heading east toward Downtown Cleveland. Clifton Blvd. merges directly on to the West Memorial Shoreway in Cleveland after Clifton intersects with West Blvd., Baltic Ave. & Lake Ave. Stay in the right lane entering the Shoreway & merge to the extreme right lane as soon as possible. Exit to the right at the first exit the Edgewater Park Exit. Turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp & drive under the underpass. Now read the “Edgewater Park Exit” instructions below.

EDGEWATER PARK EXIT If coming from Lakewood or West,drive down the exit ramp, turn left and go through the underpass toward Lake Erie.

If coming from the east, turn right at the bottom of the exit ramp.

IMPORTANT If you are using a mapping application, DO NOT use the 8701 Lakeshore address to get directions. That’s the Park Office about 15 miles east of the race location. If you have Google Earth/Maps then “W. Shoreway Dr, Cleveland Ohio 44102″ will work.

GPS Coordinates Latitude: 41°29’26.38″N Longitude: 81°44’3.14″W

Schedule of Events:

Saturday, September 21st, 2019

6:00 AM: The gate to the central parking lot at Edgewater Park opens. This lot is the closest lot to the aid area, so you will likely want to park here. The north parking lot is open 24 hours.

7:00 AM to 8:45 AM: Race check in (on the upper level of the beach house on the west side of the course). You will receive your bibs and goody bags at this time.

8:50 AM: Please be at the start line by this time. Any last-minute instructions will be provided at this time.

9:00 am: Race start.  NC24 will start promptly at 9:00:00am GPS time

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 

9:00 AM: 24-hour race finishes.  The race will end promptly at 9:00:00am GPS Time and will be signified by a loud siren. 

10:00 AM: Award presentation (MUST BE PRESENT TO RECEIVE AWARDS).

11:00 AM: Get to sleep!

Aid Station:

The course will feature one fully stocked aid station with great ultra-fare throughout the run. Pizza, mac & cheese, bean burritos, sandwiches (turkey/PB&J), potatoes, soup, pretzels, fruit, cookies, candy, and more foods will be served at various times. You won’t starve! We plan to offer plenty of vegan-friendly foods. We will also have many beverages available, including water, sports drink, and various soft drinks.  Exact food offerings and schedule will be posted and made available to participants closer to race day.

Race Rules:

The following rules are established for safety, fairness and decency. The NC24 is intended to be a competitive but also a fun event. No one on the race committee wants to be in the position of policing the runners. The last thing we want to have to do is to disqualify (DQ) a runner. Nevertheless, we will enforce the rules. At the race committee’s discretion, a minor offense, where advantage is not gained, will result in a warning to the runner. Also at the race committee’s discretion, major infractions, or minor ones by runners who have already had one warning, will result in a DQ. Please follow the rules and everyone – the runners and those of us on the committee – will be extremely happy. 1) We assume that whether runners are moving fast or slow at any given time, all are trying for their best performance. Thus there is no need to move out of the way for someone who may want to pass. Faster runners should generally assume that they will have to pass slower runners on the outside. The only exception is runners who run together in groups. As noted, registered runners may run together, but if there are more than two abreast (or those walking slowly), please move to the outside of the all- purpose trail to let other runners get by. This rule is to ensure safety and a right of way for everyone. 2) There is one road crossing – a driveway into the parking lot. Traffic should be extremely light. During the entire race, a ranger and/or a volunteer will be stationed there for safety reasons. Follow their instructions! For that matter, always follow any and all safety instructions by volunteers and/or park rangers. 3) Runners may leave the course at any place or time. They may go where they please for as long as they please. When they re-enter the course, they must do so at the exact point where they left it. To assist the race committee, please tell a volunteer if you are leaving for good, or if you are leaving for an extended period with the intention of returning. 4) Runners may not run on the grass, either inside or outside the all-purpose trail. 5) There are plenty of restroom facilities and there will also be porta-johns. Use them, or face disqualification. ’nuff said. 6) There is no swimming after dark. 7) Runners may not use banned substances as defined by USATF and WADA. For more information, see USATF. 8) Cleveland Metroparks rules must be followed, including the one that states that alcoholic beverages are prohibited. (It’s not our rule – believe us, we’d love you to be able to enjoy a celebratory beer after running for hours and hours – but please comply with it, as we want to continue to get permits for future races.) For more information, see Cleveland Metroparks’ Website. In addition, runners must share the park path and facilities with any others who may be present. 9) Headphones are now allowed for all competitors. All runners may use them as long as they do not impede anyone else’s progress or anyone’s safety. 10) Runners may use mobile phones while off the course, but not while on the course. 11) Pacing is not allowed. 12) Aid must be given in the “aid area”; this can include the tent area near the main aid station. Crew members providing aid may not accompany the runners for more than a few steps. 13) Trek poles are not allowed.


Dr. Lovy and Dr. Frank and their team of medical professionals/students will be once again staffing the Medical Tent while Dr. Siesel and her team of podiatry students will be tenting to foot and ankle issues for the duration of the event in the podiatry tent.


All runners will receive a commemorative award, regardless of the number of laps completed. Runners who achieve 100 miles will receive a special award in place of a medal. In addition, the following race-specific awards will be presented (MUST BE PRESENT TO RECEIVE AWARDS, THEY WILL NOT BE MAILED): The top three overall male and female runners will receive awards. Awards will be given to the top male and female USATF runners in each of the following age categories: 0-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+. The following cash prizes will be awarded to the top USATF male and female runners: 1st Place: $1200 2nd Place: $800 3rd Place: $500

**Must be a citizen of the United States of America to receive awards, but not to participate in NC24**


Edgewater Park is open 24 hours, but there are no camping areas for Friday, September 20. If you’re from out of town, it would be best if you have a hotel for the night. There are many fine hotels located within a few miles of the park. For specific hotel information, please refer to Vertical Runner Race Management/NC24. You may also want to use a website such as Hotels.com. The address of the park location is: W. Shoreway Dr, Cleveland Ohio 44102


The NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run (NC24) is sanctioned by USA Track and Field (USATF). The NC24 course is certified by the USATF (Certification Code OH17029MW). NC24 is also the USATF 24-Hour Run National Championship in 2019.

NC24 is recognized by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) with a Bronze Label.

To be eligible for overall and age group awards, you must be a member in good standing with USATF.  Sign up for membership here:  http://www.usatf.org/Products---Services/Individual-Memberships.aspx

Current Registrants:

First Name Last Name City State Country Gender Age
Susan Ardrey Hesston PA US F 49
Michael Babbin Hudson OH US M 53
Walter Batchelor       M 80
Chris Battaglia Barrie North ON CA M 62
Brandon Beal Dayton OH US M 44
David Blankenship Tallmadge OH US M 70
Laura Bleakley Bedford NH US F 49
Liz Bondar Madison Heights MI US F 51
Rob Bowman North Ridgeville OH US M 44
Paul Carringer Columbus OH US M 61
Zoey Cheng       F 34
Terese Cheraso Wickliffe OH US F 40
Joe Church Dover PA US M 67
Heather Cianfrocco Allison Park PA US F 46
John Corey Cincinnati OH US M 51
Filia Crawford Bellevue KY US F 8
Memory Crawford Bellevue KY US F 12
Seven Crawford Bellevue KY US M 14
Eden Crawford Bellevue KY US F 16
Dove Crawford Bellevue KY US F 18
Benjamin Crawford Bellevue KY US M 40
Frederick Davis III Bedford OH US M 71
Eugene DeFronzo Cheshire CT US M 83
Ed D'emilio Baden PA US M 31
Kristy Denton Newburgh IN US F 33
Gineen dutkovic       F 54
Jesse Edgein Canton OH US M 45
Mark Elderbrock Wooster OH US M 58
Andrew Elderbrock Ashland OH US M 22
Rosemary Evans Flemingsburg KY US F 66
Lisa Evans Lakewood OH US F 51
Jim Fiste Cedarburg WI US M 77
Jill Fowler Cleveland OH US F 45
John Geesler Saint Johnsville NY US M 60
Jennifer Genevish Rittman OH US F 36
Sho Gray Knoxville TN US M 31
David Harris Adrian MI US M 64
Drina Haviland Ball Ground GA US F 71
Michael Haviland Ball Ground GA US M 77
Chastity Hertel Evansville IN US F 44
Louis Hill jr Walton KY US M 41
Blondie Hinton Cleveland OH US F 62
Jason Holzapfel Wellston OH US M 44
Matthew Humes Pickerington OH US M 28
Jeff Icenhour Stoutsville OH US M 51
Shayna Kantor Bay Village OH US F 42
Elizabeth Kelley Rock Hill SC US F 49
Kevin Kendall Westlake OH US M 44
Justin Keyes Flat Rock MI US M 37
oscar knece Circleville OH US M 17
Sonya Knece Circleville OH US F 54
Shirley Kolakovich Clarkston MI US F 48
Pete Kostelnick Brunswick OH US M 32
Jan Kriska Mount Airy NC US M 52
Chad Lapp Ridgewood NJ US M 46
James Legarth North Ridgeville OH US M 44
Terri Lemke Loudonville OH US F 58
Kate Lewis Baltimore MD US F 36
Harvey Lewis Cincinnati OH US M 43
Jeremy Lockhart Bloomfield Hills MI US M 32
Greg Lohmueller Cincinnati OH US M 51
ANDREW LOVY Kirksville MO US M 84
Cherie Mccafferty Spring Lake NC US F 52
Mark McCaslin Clarkston MI US M 50
Tony Mccormick Alexandria VA US M 35
Kevin McElgunn Midland MI US M 57
Chris Mcmahon Cincinnati OH US M 37
Larry Mcsweeney Cleveland OH US M 56
Barbara Meadows Minerva OH US F 50
Bob Mohr Canton OH US M 53
Bonnie Muetterties Media PA US F 66
Ann Myres Cincinnati OH US F 38
Amy Nichols Voorhees NJ US F 35
John Obodzinski Cleveland OH US M 62
Kelly Odell Circleville OH US F 41
Melanie Owen Cincinnati OH US F 49
Robert Palmer Gallatin TN US M 61
Jason Perkins Columbus OH US F 34
Isaac Phillips Midland MI US M 36
Roy Pirrung Plymouth WI US M 71
Mark Plate Tulsa OK US M 54
Landon Proctor Columbus OH US M 39
Gabe Rainwater Fresno OH US M 31
Bruce Rome Lake Lure NC US M 67
Lisa Rome Lake Lure NC US F 55
Ed Rousseau Minneapolis MN US M 80
Robert Rummel Westlake OH US M 50
Richard Salwan Springboro OH US M 63
Joseph Salwan Munroe Falls OH US M 65
Carol Sammon Medina OH US F 59
George Sanders Malvern PA US M 72
Becky Sanoy Waunakee WI US F 48
Deborah Schneider       F 55
Vicki Schoen Bellevue OH US F 58
Naomi Schukert Akron OH US F 39
David Shumaker Bay Village OH US M 35
Stuart Siegfried Columbus OH US M 51
Chris Smith Columbus OH US M 62
Sarah Smith Columbus OH US F 36
Gina Snyderburn Brecksville OH US F 44
Dave Sours Wadsworth OH US M 55
Milisa Strain Canton OH US F 49
Lorelei Suehrstedt Bay Village OH US F 50
Cyrus Taylor Cleveland OH US M 29
Cyrus Taylor Cleveland OH US M 61
Kevin Tenkku Orchard Park NY US M 57
Derek Tinnin Lebanon OH US M 52
Pearlette Toussant Philadelphia PA US F 44
Steven Tuttle North Royalton OH US M 61
Sarah Vaccarelli Seville OH US F 40
Marc Vengrove Allentown PA US M 63
Jim Wahl       M 72
Olaf Wasternack Nashville TN US M 39
Eric Whittington Canal Fulton OH US M 49
Devon Yanko San Anselmo CA US F 37

Last updated:  September 17, 2019

When & Where

Edgewater Park

Edgewater Park Lakefront Reservation, Cleveland OH 44102

Saturday 21st of September 2019 at 9:00 am - Sunday 22nd of September 2019 at 9:00 am (EST)

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